Fumee was born in 1988 in Tokushima, Japan.
As a student, Fumee helped design companies and brought attention to his acquaintance’s design events who were also young creators.
After getting recognized by major offices and famous directors, he did picture designs for concerts and stage performances such as Hatsune Miku and GreeeeN, and was involved with advertisement design and visual direction for two TV Asahi drama series, Aibo and Doctor X.
Overseas, he designs covers for Grammy nomianted artists, and books published by The Peninsula House every year, and is active not only in Japan, but globally as well.
Fumee has traveled abroad on his own since high school, and interacting with local people from various countries has become the cornerstone of Fumee’s unique viewpoint and sensitivity.
He constructs a reality using live photography with a delicate touch and sharp observation. A mysterious world born of unique colors and complex thin curves. An exquisite fusion of reality and the surreal. These works that firmly at the border of these two worlds have been highly regarded not only in Japan, but overseas as well. With a soft and mild demeanor, Fumee excels at communication, and although he is a very usual person, Fumee’s works have a distinct and fine sharpness that transcends into the extraordinary.

学生時代に映像会社でのアシスタントや、知人のイベントデザインを引き受けているうちに若手クリエーターとして注目されるようになる。大手事務所や有名ディレクターに実力を認められ、初音ミクやGReeeeNなどのコンサートの舞台映像や、テレビ朝日系のドラマ「相棒」シリーズ・「ドクターX」シリーズの広告デザインやビジュアルディレクションに携わった。海外ではThe Peninsula Hotel発行本の表紙を飾り、グラミー賞ノミネートアーティストのデザインを毎年手がけるなど活動の幅を国内だけにとどまらずグローバルに活躍している。



Sony MITENE 4K / shu uemura / Kanebo CHICCA / dejavu / Kao Lise / colopl / Prudential / UNDER GRAPH / FLOWER FLOWER / BACK ON / MASA / GReeeeN / 初音ミク / NMB48 / 三代目 J SOUL BROTHERS / 相棒シリーズシーズン11~14 / ドクターX / 怒り新党 / 戦闘中 / etc…